After several years of composition lessons in Basel with Rudolf Kelterborn, Oliver Weber left Switzerland for Vienna, where he studied composition with Michael Jarrell for eight years. Since then, Weber has worked as a freelance composer and musician. During his studies he developed his personal interest for electroacoustic music and since then has been operating on and at the juncture between the electronic and instrumental music fields. Oliver focuses on creating connections between these sound worlds, which at first glance seem far apart. Weber on his preferred way of working: "I carry out design processes directly on the sound." Weber always takes acoustic phenomena as his starting point, critically distancing himself from compositional processes that are too strictly serial and mathematized, which do not spark his interest and creativity. For Weber, however, this is indispensable in music, which is why reflection on the inner logic and dramaturgy of a piece seems central to him when composing: “For me, the play of tension and release is a central point in compositional work.”
Fritz Trümpi