Upcoming Projects



Commissioned by the ensemble Soyuz21. For Saxophone, E-Guitar, Cello, E-Piano und Electronics.

 3. 11. 2018 Basel, 4. 11. 2018 Zurich


Commissioned by the ensemble Soyuz21 for E-Guitar and Tape. Reconstruction of the E-Guitar part according Sketches and the Tape of the Swiss composer Benno Ammann.

21. 9. 2018 Wettingen, 22. 9. Luzern, 2. 10. Basel, 3. 10. Zurich

N.N. — new work for Bass Fute, Bass Clarinet, Zither, Dulcimer, Viola, Violoncello, Bass. Commissioned by the ensemble Musikfabrik Süd.

Autumn 2018